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February 9, 2008  

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The Internet is the publicly available worldwide system of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching over the Internet Protocol (IP). It is made up of thousands of other, smaller business, academic, and government networks that provide various information and services, such as by electronic mail, online chat, and on the graphical, interlinked World Wide Web.

The Internet is also having a profound impact on knowledge and worldviews. Through keyword-driven Internet research, using search engines, like Google, millions worldwide have easy, instant access to a vast amount and diversity of online information. Compared to encyclopedias and traditional libraries, the Internet represents a sudden and extreme decentralization of information and data.

Future technologies:

a collective term refers to technological developments on the nanometre scale, usually 0.1-100nm. (One nanometre equals one thousandth of a micrometre or one millionth of a millimetre.)
Digital Library
like a traditional library, a collection of books and reference materials. Keep an eye on Google’s new ‘Google Print’ feature currently in beta: print.google.com
Service Pack 2 Released
The eagerly awaited Service Pack 2 is now out. Get this update now to keep your pc secure. It also includes a pop-up blocker.

Electronic Mail
What did we do with out it. Click the link to find out more about this global phenomenon.

Online Chat
Instant Messaging is a great way to use your computer to message anyone across the world.

World Wide Web
Where would the Internet be today without the creation of this. Learn how it started here.